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Between Rishikesh and Tungnath

The way to Chopta follows an impressive never-ending narrow road in very bad condition. We took a public old bus and the bumpy route was scary. Few stretches are very vulnerable to landslides and many rocks are still on the way. The view is beautiful and the altitude is about 2500m all the way, where the bus slips between cliffs with peak and the view at the bottom of the torrent from the tumultuous river. The river bed shows that the water invade sometimes the villages at the boarder of Ganga due to cloud burst. The slopes are rough and I sitted in the bus, emptying myself of gallons of sweat just by the overview from the window going up and down in the valley. The road takes 12/14 hours and we stayed overnight in Rudraprayag, a little town on the way to Chopta in Uttarakhand to relax before the trek, the day after.

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