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An Ayurvedic step into action

Since my goodbye to Portugal, many things has happened and I am back in India again (it is my 3d visit this year). I am finally at the right place, and it seems that my efforts are paying off. I am at an Ayurvedic village in Kerala. Compare to other retreats where i have been, finally here i have freedom to do my own technics, combining with the ayurveda yoga program that i am also learning.

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How to wake up?


It seems so simple for some people, and absolutely ignored by others, but having a morning routine, or practice – you can called it as you want – is essential to program yourself and stay centered.

Some will do exercise, yoga, running…. a physical activity to start the day. The energy and vitality you get from exercise is a great thing to do in the morning as it keeps you energized for the entire rest of your day.

Others will fix a plan for the day, schedule things and then having time to relax, walk.

But at the end, it’s all about having a ritual morning. Doesn’t matter what you do but it has to be your rite, something who suits you.

Rituals is everywhere from history, to religion, to culture, we all see people putting some intentions in their actions to start a day and feel centered by doing it.

I usually wake up, trying to not paying intention to my phone first and go to my mat for a yoga practice, then meditate a bit, and since i am in Bali, I also do offerings to the Earth and feel grateful everyday to be here. Also having some personal ceremony at home, for special moon, special mood. Celebrate life in general and his cycle.

All of this is leading you to discover more about your creativity, maybe start writing about things you love and you want to do on the morning, and discover yourself. The peace and quiet of the morning is unparalleled, so it’s a great time to work on anything you want or need to do.

And then, it’s also another world who will come to you, receiving more values for you and a desire for sharing it.

If allowing one hour before going to work is not possible, just a 20min routine is fine. One thing is keep having it – change it if you want to – as one day is always different from another. Just feel what you need to send before going to your daily activity.

Example :

Drinking hot lemon water one hour before breakfast

Cleaning nasal passage before meditation

Stretch, exercise, dance, do yoga… whatever who can circulate oxygen in your body and brain

Write your first motivation and goal of the day

Release bad tensions, thoughts or energies you don’t need anymore, send it back