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Ethical Manufactory – New Fashion


Since i am now living in Bali, i am way more concern about environment issues – the way i live, the way i think, the way i act –  always with conscious about the impact it causes around me. Can be even with my relation with people and friends.

All you do has an impact on each others… Just watch your action and the all process if you need to remember sometimes.

Anyway, all of this, to show a different way to consume in general

Good example FOOD INDUSTRY : as everybody now is on Veggan diet, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Sugar Free, and whatever new will arrive soon – for me its great because people understand about eating only fresh organic food… It’s wonderful, the step forward about this industry compare to 10 years only – is getting better and people find solution to offer better products and agricole solution to stop wasting water and destroying soil with chemicals. I love it!

Even NYC now has farms on the top of building to grow local veggies. How cool it that ?


I decided to follow the movement with Fashion.

Maybe we should talk more about what is Ethical Fashion, it seems so far in people mind the understanding about the all Fashion Industry, and massive production cannot be sustainable in many ways.

Watch :

What about to stop buying so much fast fashion and build a more ethical closet? Well, since one year, i only bought clothes from second hand stores, custom them, buying organic fabric, make my own clothes and I still look good and never received so much compliments when i go out.

Most ethical brands are simply not as well-known and accessible as their « fast » counterparts, at least not yet! This post is my contribution to change that and give you a new set of brands to add to your go-to shopping and maybe inspire you to create your own 🙂

Yes, sustainable fashion is more expensive than fast fashion and instead of buying five new things a month you may only be able to afford one piece. But: That’s actually a good thing. Not being able to afford as much will help you be more selective and over time you’ll build up a high-quality wardrobe that will last you for years to come.