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An Ayurvedic step into action

Since my goodbye to Portugal, many things has happened and I am back in India again (it is my 3d visit this year). I am finally at the right place, and it seems that my efforts are paying off. I am at an Ayurvedic village in Kerala. Compare to other retreats where i have been, finally here i have freedom to do my own technics, combining with the ayurveda yoga program that i am also learning.

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Express yourself – Precious Tips


Are you speaking the truth of yourself or trying to be someone else ?

By our washy conditioning mind from a very young age – institutional places like School, college, high school and then the fantastic corporate world – do not help to speak from our heart. I found more than benefic to heal my 5th chakras, as i was always holding a mask and my voice was not coming from my heart as I could not express myself from my center. Here is some very very good tip to balance the Vishuddha chakras on a daily basic of course!!! I insist on doing this everyday for months !!  But then the results are impressive and the voice will resonate not anymore by the influence of the society we are living into but by YOU. Your beautiful infinite being only 😉


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