S’arrêter, observer, changer, grandir… partager


Je ne peux pas perdre ma joie de vivre même si j’ai traversé des tempêtes et des épreuves interminables et usantes. Qui a dit que le monde était GAME OVER ? Les news ? Je n’écoute plus… Je me bouche les oreilles à la pollution de ce monde à tous les niveaux. Celui qui ne voit que la chute, que rien ne peut changer, ne connaît rien a rien.

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Young and Raw Juice

I accepted to do a 30 Days Juice Challenge home made with organic fresh fruits and veggies. Here is some of a new recipe I elaborated today instead of following the listing.

I have mulberries growing in my garden and I added to the Day 1 Inflammation Buster recipe. Anything I can grow myself I am just using it 🙂

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Veggie « Petits Farcis »

Back from Provence with a taste of Mediterranean cuisine – I decided to make a famous french receipe in a vegetarian way.

Another easy receipe that anyone can do in 20min with very little ingredients.

4 x Zucchini balls green and yellow

2 x garlic gloves

1 x fresh goat cheese

Some fresh mint, salt, pepper and chili powder, virgin olive oil for dressing.

Turn on the oven at 180 degrees before preparing the receipe.

Cut off the top of the zucchini and keep the roof for later. Remove the meat of the zuchini, reserve it  in a bowl.
Cut the garlic and mix it with the zucchini meat with a fork. The texture need to look like a crumble, then add the fresh goat cheese. Adding salt, pepper, mint and chili.

Now, you can fill the zucchini and add a little olive oil. Keep in 45min in the oven at 180 degrees.

Et voila! You can serve with a salad and a good white wine. Perfect diner for a summer with some friends and it looks cute!

Summer Veggan Receipe

Picking your veggie, talk with producers at the market, cooking slow for you, your love ones or friends. Is the all process which is part of eating good.
It seems maybe a mission for most of us because we think healthy food is overprice or cooking takes 2hours minimum but I will share a simple receipe easy to make, that you cannot faile with very basic ingredients.

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Social Power


It is easy to feel powerless in our way to make decision on how to live well with a constant media exposure of stories about fear, war, climate change, industrial food and terrorism – to name few.

Sometimes you want your actions go to the same direction your values are, and if you can’t see that change coming from the place where you live, and you feel you cannot do much to consume better, or do something from your environment – here is, why this is wrong!

Get Involved from easy steps !

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French Riviera and the botanical garden


In the pursue of living well, and being in France, Europe or the Western world in general as a middle class person, i can tell you that is very challenging. It is almost that ‘if you cannot afford it, you are not allowed for having quality life’.

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Ayurvedic Routine

A daily routine is essential for maintaining good health to a higher level of functioning with mind and body. But of course it is not easy to maintain it all the time in our social life. So that’s why i love cooking Kitchari. When i feel there is no harmony between my doshas and need a little boost to clean my system, nothing better than traditional recipe and the delicious KITCHARI.

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Il y a des moments ou la meilleure chose a faire et de ne rien faire et d’attendre. La graine a été plantée, elle grandit dans la terre. Ce simple mot « patience« , presque oublié de nos modes de vie, c’est juste ça, laisser le temps quand il est requit, a être simplement éveillé, patient et attendre.

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