My yin and yang explained

I used to think that feminine energy was not as powerful as masculine few years back and was tapping into my yang to perform impossible things. Until I discovered the power of being softer with others and naturally me, especially in moment when people made tiny cracks in my heart. I started giving forgiveness effortless this entire year and my heart became softer. True strength was not the fire in me, but the water – the love. I could be rain, an ocean, a river or a lake flowing anywhere trough the all life.

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Made it to Portugal, teaching yoga for surfers

My footprints has stopped in the Himalayas to move all the way to Portugal. My Family’s land – My Father’s roots.

It is funny how much things are going your way, when you live according to your purpose and also when you carry JOY within. Nothing can remove the best of you when you own it !! This let you achieve what you seek and you can walk in the journey in the arms of PEACE.

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At the feet of the Masters – the Himalayas

The moment I arrived in Vashisht, I knew I was in the right place, I knew that was the feet of the master. I really enjoyed my solitude moment in the mountains, unlike the Alps or other mountains, those one are not just beautiful but also alive and giving a peaceful vibration. In silence, the mountains answer and create the harmonious atmosphere to listen. Everything seemed right and looked sacred by so much harmony in the nature and it is hard to understand how majority of humans have forgotten to appreciate the magic around us.

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A la rencontre des refugiés tibétains à Dharamsala

Pour arriver à Dharamsala, j’ai du prendre la meme route dangereuse qui m’avait conduit à Chopta, mais en sens retour, jusqu’à Rishikesh. Etonnement, j’ai apprécié la route retour en transport public, et j’ai réussi à dormir et me relaxer malgrès l’altitude impressionnante des montées et descentes en bus, des routes cassées sur 12 heures, et du torrent sans relache.

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Between Rishikesh and Tungnath

The way to Chopta follows an impressive never-ending narrow road in very bad condition. We took a public old bus and the bumpy route was scary. Few stretches are very vulnerable to landslides and many rocks are still on the way. The view is beautiful and the altitude is about 2500m all the way, where the bus slips between cliffs with peak and the view at the bottom of the torrent from the tumultuous river. The river bed shows that the water invade sometimes the villages at the boarder of Ganga due to cloud burst. The slopes are rough and I sitted in the bus, emptying myself of gallons of sweat just by the overview from the window going up and down in the valley. The road takes 12/14 hours and we stayed overnight in Rudraprayag, a little town on the way to Chopta in Uttarakhand to relax before the trek, the day after.

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Rishikesh transforms into Rishi-Cash


India extends his influence in a soft way and adopts a strategy with the yoga business and launched the International Yoga Day on June 21th.

Rishikesh, the worldly famous city of yoga is a hub for the global yoga market, and famous people like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that I had the pleasure to meet by Laxman Jhula bridge, are here to support the business campaign.

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Une pause au pays de Ceylan

J’ai effectué mon visa run au Sri Lanka et j’étais assez contente de découvrir le pays du récit de Ramayana, surtout que j’étais passé par le site archéologique d’Hampi et par conséquent était assez immergé dans les poèmes épiques, mythes et folklore des grandes épopées de l’Inde qui ont modelés pendant des générations la vie de millions d’hommes et femmes, comme les histoires grecques qui ont donné naissance à l’Illiade ou l’Odyssé et ces cycles de mythes et légendes qui se sont cristallisées également jusqu’à devenir nos inspirations.

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Yoga en Inde, l’enseignement sacrée.


Le pèlerinage annuel qui me conduit en Asie vers les meilleurs enseignants de Yoga en Ashtanga ou Iyengar semble donnait ses fruits et me renforce dans ma confiance a ne pas avoir renoncé a poursuivre mes rêves et objectifs. Je ne regrette nullement d’avoir renoncer aux offres d’emplois de Dubaï ou de Hong Kong vers un destin qui ne m’appartient pas pour avoir crée une vie plus riche que je peux partager avec d’autres personnes grâce mon expérience.

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Hippies of Goa – the nirvana of the spirit & the mind…


Arambol is located in North Goa and it is a little heaven for rastafarian, cyber hippies and lovers of psychedelic trance parties.

But why hippies are inspired by India ?

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Xmas holidays and 2018 new starts

I didn’t feel Christmas this year. I told my family i am flying to India and will study some subjects link with yoga, surrendering myself with friends and great teachers instead. I get so bored in France and the impossibility to do things I enjoy and I would always choose to learn from life then rack up myself in a desk.

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