Infinite Heaven

After life destination ? Utopia, fantasm, idealistic reality… The destination of the righteous is called Heaven, a place of non-suffering of immense beauty and joy. All religions describe and mention a place called Heaven, Paradise, Amhaddiya, Tian, Trayastrimsa… depends which language and which culture do you live. They have different names but seems to carryLire la suite « Infinite Heaven »

Le voile

  C’est comprendre la véritable liberté et le pouvoir éthique qui devraient se développer dans l’humanité. Comment respecter la culture de chaque culture, de chaque pays et savoir comment révéler les contradictions motivées par les groupes des personnes qui enfreignent ces principes de liberté éthique afin que chacun agisse ? On entre en éthique déjàLire la suite « Le voile »

French Riviera and the botanical garden

In the pursue of living well, and being in France, Europe or the Western world in general as a middle class person, i can tell you that is very challenging. It is almost that ‘if you cannot afford it, you are not allowed for having quality life’.

Fado from my lenght

And so i watched you for 4 days and i like you… I never been to Lisbon and i am French/Portuguese… boohoo right?

The natural dyeing process

Life’s too short to wear uncomfortable clothes – Adopt the Natural Life ! From last november, I deserted a bit Bali beaches or even the luxuriant Ubud jungle to discover the Bali change makers, or others companies who are doing good choices. It is not a surprise to find that this magnetic island has attractedLire la suite « The natural dyeing process »