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An Ayurvedic step into action

Since my goodbye to Portugal, many things has happened and I am back in India again (it is my 3d visit this year). I am finally at the right place, and it seems that my efforts are paying off. I am at an Ayurvedic village in Kerala. Compare to other retreats where i have been, finally here i have freedom to do my own technics, combining with the ayurveda yoga program that i am also learning.

The resort is beautiful, Western comfort is provided, the front sea view is relaxing, as the sound of the waves singing all day long give tranquility of mind to relax and read.

My days start at 5am for self-practice. Full power (or not actually – i love my resting moment to charge and focus).

I am eating only sattvic food, which is veggan and aligned with my dosha. What is a DOSHA? According to Ayurveda, it is your dominant’s element in your body and mind. There are 5 elements : EARTH, FIRE, WATER, AIR, ETHER – in which we can find our 3 doshas:

Kapha (Water+Earth) – Pitta (Fire) – Vata (Air)

So practicing fully something I was already committed in life but in a deeper way, and expanding my knowledge to others as a support for living to enhance well-being on earth, makes totally sense and won’t change anything.

It gives me so much Joy to see what has helped me to overcome struggles, also working on others and liberate them.

Beside the retreat, I visited a virgin village – 30min away from the resort. It is called Marari beach. It is one long beach with nothing else than fishermen boats, straight dogs, coconut trees and of course plastic everywhere (even in a such non touristic area). I love India but not for their issue with environment and pollution.

I am surrounded by the cutest village where live families in little huts without so much facilities like electricity and water. Our evenings are mostly black with powercut every evening. There is nothing much to do for distraction all around, no restaurants, bars, foreigners, beach club or anything. Only the jungle, the beach and the stars. I found it is enough, I don’t feel wanting anything more at the moment – the sereine atmosphere enhance harmony in me at all levels of my being. Also since 2015, I never lived in a city anymore so my acceptance for less is stable.

I was right to keep looking for passion, courage, achieving goals and dreams, for being myself and for exploring myself so deep than I am having so much to share.

We are all born so beautiful, the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not. Rupi Kaur


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