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Made it to Portugal, teaching yoga for surfers

My footprints has stopped in the Himalayas to move all the way to Portugal. My Family’s land – My Father’s roots.

It is funny how much things are going your way, when you live according to your purpose and also when you carry JOY within. Nothing can remove the best of you when you own it !! This let you achieve what you seek and you can walk in the journey in the arms of PEACE.

I thought of working to Portugal this summer and while in India, I get a call from a surf/yoga retreat and here I am.

The combination of teaching Yoga for surfers is turning my days more joyful. I love this surfing environment and go myself almost everyday. The Atlantic Ocean is cold but we wear wetsuit and move the body a lot. But I never thought of being in this new environment in all levels.

In a way, I decided to accept what life gives me and from that place of not being disrupted by controlling things the way I think is better for me, I can benefit of any change with stillness.

So, I am sharing my knowledge and optimism with surfers and had to adjust with different ways of teaching Yoga Asanas with them. Finally, that was easy to transit from organizing Yoga Retreats more as a currator in Bali, to give yoga instructions here in Portugal, because I just spent almost the last 7 months under the guidance of my great teachers.

But in the next months, I will focus again on working in organizing travel groups for sure. Sooooo, who is with me for the next destination?

First, you can enjoy some of my pics –


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