At the feet of the Masters – the Himalayas

The moment I arrived in Vashisht, I knew I was in the right place, I knew that was the feet of the master. I really enjoyed my solitude moment in the mountains, unlike the Alps or other mountains, those one are not just beautiful but also alive and giving a peaceful vibration. In silence, the mountains answer and create the harmonious atmosphere to listen. Everything seemed right and looked sacred by so much harmony in the nature and it is hard to understand how majority of humans have forgotten to appreciate the magic around us.

Happiness comes through grace and blessed are the ones who can open their inner windows to the source and receive infinite blessings. While going to the waterfall, I always reminded this thought and let the cold water coming from the peak made by pure snow and melted by the sun falling all the way down to reach me/us.

The place is still untouched by modern civilization because of the location which is hard to reach by car and again the roads are very unpleasant. Indians still live in traditional house, they own cows and walk with their cattle into the valley. Food is sold on the street only.

The main attraction is the hot spring located in the temple, where everyone can bath together in the sulphured water. People seemed to be very attached to the founder of the village, the sage Vashisht who is mentioned in the Hindus scripture, and create ceremony to remember him. He was the teacher of Rama.

While in Vashisht, I shared a house with friends and that was 100…000 times better than staying in another noisy guesthouse. We cooked, laughed, listened music and chilled together and promised to meet again soon. Also, we found a motorbike that a russian guy was selling before leaving India and that was the start of many roads trip around Parvatti Valley, Naggar (where we visited the Nicolas Roerich Foundation), driving to Rothang pass before they opened the roads to Ladakh – wow freezing there! Since that, I want to learn how to drive a motorbike and probably buy one next year.

And Vashisht is where I met Swami J, I found his little house while walking down to Manalli, by curiosity I joined his class one morning. There is a difference between ordinary teacher and master and this man is a master, so I decided to become his student while I was there and over the weeks, we developped a pure relationship. For him, he has a body, mind and spirit and that belongs to his students and his desire is to teach those aspirants who are prepared. But he dislikes my questions, calling it « agitated mind », so I maintained steady and calm and conquered many things while in his presence. In there, I lost my mind again, unconditioned and let go of the unwanted. The first two weeks with him that was not easy, I was sick and vomited almost everyday but I kept going untill the bad feeling went off. I considered all my masters as eternal friends and always in me.

This place will be missed untill I will go again, life sings and dances in its joy from eternity to eternity. The birds are in ecstasy, the flute musician is in ecstasy, no effort is necessary to unite in this ocean of bliss while staying there.

Before I left the village, I made a tattoo in Kasol by an artist called Janu, to carry the memory of my time in the Himalayas and jumped in parachute into the valley.

While I said goodbye to him, just as the moon gets its light from the sun, when I am shinning is the reflection of him shinning too and we are growing together like plants under the same light. Oh Bageera!

Publié par Sophie Foucher

Lives between Europe and exotic places, here is my story: I worked as a fashion Buyer for 10 years in Paris and get the chance to travel a lot during fashion weeks and experienced to live abroad. At 30 I changed my life and relocated in Hong Kong, where in parallel of my work I was studying Yoga and Ayurveda from short trips to Bali. Influenced by my teachers, peers, environment and my travels… I felt unstoppable and this year gap changed my life. First, I attended in Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep Monastery my first Vipassana course – the 21 days of silent meditation in 2013. I did an Ashtanga 200-YTT in India in 2013, I stayed under the guidance of certified Ashtanga teachers of KP Jois as Prem Carlisi, Damien de Bastier, BNS Iyengar till now. Completed an Ayurvedic course with Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P in his foundation of Ayurveda and also with Dr Ramesh Kumar from the University of Ayurveda in Mysore – India. Completed a Dietary Course called ‘Food is your best medecine’ with the Dr. Veronica Waks M.D., N.D. which is about planning a food plan who works the best with different type of people. More recently in 2018, she stayed under the guidance of well known Ayurvedic author Janesh Vaidya in his center in Kerala to be trained as a Yoga Therapist and integrating Yoga-Ayurvedic program that she is able to teach now. « My experiences make me understand that the key component for health and wellness is traveling into a healing environment, as it is an extraordinary step into the process of self-discovering and how to transform our life with new habits and then sustain this lifestyle for our own health ».  That’s why I choose to use my yoga retreats to guide others for self-discovery and adopting a spiritual practice into their life “Sadhana” and all tools that has benefited me. You can visit my website :

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