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Hippies of Goa – the nirvana of the spirit & the mind…


Arambol is located in North Goa and it is a little heaven for rastafarian, cyber hippies and lovers of psychedelic trance parties.

But why hippies are inspired by India ?

I think, Hippie culture is very much indian, and behind the hippie movement there is the concept of « Sanyas » who influenced the early hippies. India is like « go back to your roots of spirituality ».

Hippies love discovering new places and new culture, live like a free spirit and India is still a land of freedom where they can live beyond the mainstream culture too present in the Western world.

Hippies found Heaven in India. But the old school hippies are not longer living in Goa, or not in Arambol. Now, we are more accurate to the neo-hippies with elephant patterns trousers, coming for clubbing and tripping and trying all the newest smoothies and workshops available in the spiritual shopping hub.

However, I still meet some people living backyard and making their own crafts, like Josephine braiding a coat of hemp in her balcony or Vincent fixing some handmade medieval hats that we are all selling to he hippy market at sunset on the beach.

Some might really live in nature and camp by the beach with their own wooden tools.

To capture the fragrance of Arambol, the Carnaval was a great place to watch amazing creatures wearing their best costume. Majority of them speaking with a very strong Russian accent 😉

We celebrate life, earth and our uniqueness



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