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Summer Veggan Receipe

Picking your veggie, talk with producers at the market, cooking slow for you, your love ones or friends. Is the all process which is part of eating good.
It seems maybe a mission for most of us because we think healthy food is overprice or cooking takes 2hours minimum but I will share a simple receipe easy to make, that you cannot faile with very basic ingredients.

Here is the Veggan Summer Salad !

You need :

Red lentils

Whole rice or brown rice

Green onion

Green beans

Pumpkins seeds (or any seeds)

Haloumi or dry tofu

Salt, Pepper, cumin seeds, olive oil, lemon juice, soya cream


Cook the rice into boiling water for 10min, but to save time add the red lentils at about 5min. Lentils and rice can cook together.

If you have a steamer you can also cook the beans above. If not, steam 5mn the beans in a separate place.

When it’s done, put under cold water for about 5min and reserve for later.

Cut the green onion in slices.

Grilled the haloumi or tofu and cut in small pieces.

Put everything together in a large bowl and add the dressing. Et voila !

A 15min ready to eat Veggan Salad so yummy 🙂


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