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French Riviera and the botanical garden


In the pursue of living well, and being in France, Europe or the Western world in general as a middle class person, i can tell you that is very challenging. It is almost that ‘if you cannot afford it, you are not allowed for having quality life’.

I moved to South of France, in a village near Le Lavandou, where time does not exist and pollution did not destroy the all thing. I do an exchange work and learn about plants and flowers in a botanical garden, owns by an English couple. In parallel, i study an Ayurvedic course that match perfectly with the environment i am into.

I feel great here, i like the freshness in the air, the all place looks like another lost paradise. I visited many those last years – it feel almost i am running to the latest places on earth where life is preserved {I did not explore South of America yet}.

So i start working in the garden at 7:30am, where the first early morning rain is still waiting like drops in the flower petals. With the reflection of the first ray of sun, that looks like crystal pearls. The smell is a mix between rosemary, lavender, fresh grass, wet earth, and a floral perfume floating all around. The sound is birds symphony, but not one bird song, they are many species flying over my head when i am working, so i can recognize many different languages now.

When i am done with my few hours work, me and the others from the group have breakfast together in the middle of this heaven, with sea view. The coast line looks so tiny from up hill and you can take it with your two fingers but you cannot move it. It is just an optical illusion. Maybe we are not allowed to change the landscape.

I feel the same feeling i had long time ago in North Thailand or in Nepal. Away from the madness of the big cities, on the top of my hill and watching my escape from the world and having so much peace in my heart. Almost never want to come down again or maybe only to listen the best music with great people.

Just another moment to stop the time and appreciate my life running out from Earth with full awareness. It is a beautiful planet, i am glad i came!


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