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Ayurvedic Routine

A daily routine is essential for maintaining good health to a higher level of functioning with mind and body. But of course it is not easy to maintain it all the time in our social life. So that’s why i love cooking Kitchari. When i feel there is no harmony between my doshas and need a little boost to clean my system, nothing better than traditional recipe and the delicious KITCHARI.

I have my French version since i like using what i found near me. So i bought seasonal veggies from farmers in my village. Then combine with yellow lentils and rice and add a mix of indian spices and european herbs. I am pitta so i used cooling herbs.

What i used is:

Yellow lentils – 1cup

Basmati rice – 1cup

Topinambours – 4 pc

Kales – 100gr green and purple

Carott – 1 pc

Potatoe – 1 pc

Oignon + Garlic

Olive Oil + Lemon

Coriander seeds + curcuma + saffron + basilic + parsil + salt n pepper

I like to serve with Raita (goat yogurt + parsil + salt + pepper)

I usually eat Kitchari 3/4 days in a row – no sugar or sweet – of course no alcool – and drink some dandelion tea in between meal. The last 2 days i used a spoon of walnut or seedflax oil before my warm water on morning. Some little stretches and shitali breathing (i am pitta). Et voila!

Life, happiness, nice skin, happy belly again !!!

Try it and tell me how it is.

Sorry for the pics, i used an Iphone 5S


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