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Positive attitude trend – why ? It is a new form of religion :/ or just the reflect of the collective consciousness call ?


If you are on social media, you notice all the positive messages based on philosophical quotes, super happy yogis programs – there is an avalanche on BE GOOD ATTITUDE, which make us almost guilty for having bad thoughts now (or white bread)!

Watching all of those Happy quotes, happy faces, Happy smile – feels like being on shrooms with Alice and forget about the real world.

But all this kindness is the reflect of what we want to see that’s it – no need to fear a new form of religion (i was personally thinking that could be a form of neo-hindulisism). People are just over it with politics, wars, injustice and want see simple things as sharing peace messages to each others. Everyday people have to face negative situations, and the media never break the chaotic worldly news loop,that we are almost force to listen.

Personally, i stopped using TV in Asia, so in Bali i didn’t feel the harassment of the news until i went back to France – It is super repetitive and depressing to live with that.

EARTH is not well, and need support. By sending and thinking more optimistic we are contributing to the general well-being. It is impossible to let small groups doing long efforts. So any contribution we can send, it is always better than nothing.

In a way, time was maybe greater in the golden age of the 70’s/80’s – which for me – has been an absolute phantasm of living the life, since i am young (so much freedom and unconsciousness in a good way). And this artistic scene will come back, but i think first we all need to stop being so unaware of the mess outside, and re-think the way we live. Support each others – build community – trust more and having more good actions!

Maybe this age of Kale is an extension to the already LSD psychedelic experiences of the oldest generation and a gate to the wisdom that has been shared through the collective consciousness to look after the new society that is coming 😉 We feel content and vaguely delighted and temporarily free through those messages, like the drug did to the hippies.

Anyway, this is a big shift in history.

Maybe a healing era, maybe a mutation society – but we cannot deny everything is shifting very fast (almost scary ahahaah).

The role of social media has been huge and maybe that’s why it came to life so fast – ‘The door of the screaming abyss’

Being more connected has shown that people want to act together for a better living and act faster than waiting from the top pyramid crowd. It is a collective DIY new nation. Making our new earth 🙂 brick by brick and to conceive it has to start with LOVE.

With internet, it is wonderful to interact with others from Europe,  Guatemala or Japan. It never happened before with any social status empowered to resonate loud.

But life is not based on good people only, and being UN-perfect is what make us humans. What built our emotions, the life force is built from 2 forms of energy. Being good but not too childish, that’s the point.

Too much chocolate = not so much core to fight!

What do you think of this new GOOD VIBES SHIELD ERA ?




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