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Fado from my lenght

And so i watched you for 4 days and i like you…


I never been to Lisbon and i am French/Portuguese… boohoo right?

It was a city i wanted to visit asap after arrived in Paris last November. Just because everybody told me that ‘Lisbon is the coolest European city at the moment’ >> check myself >> ‘Yes, that’s true’ and also because after 2 weeks in Paris, i needed to inhale salty air, have a sunbathe {even in December} and check new things happening in Europe.

All I can say is « I can fit easy there, people are lovely, everybody seem to know English and are OK about foreigners in their country. It is very traditional, the history is still strong but there is space for modernity and urbanization without killing the all little streets all patterned, with faience, and old culture ».

Top-hill Lisbon is amazing! It offers a panoramic ocean’s view and you can see the 25 de Abril bridge {looks like the one in SF}, Cristo Rei statue on the other side of the island, surrounded by the old city. At night, Bairo Alto never want to sleep, the all action takes part in a web of streets between graffiti-plastered walls.

I am also happy as i could found an Ashtanga yoga studio, with Mysore teachers YES ! Also there is few monasteries, Tibetan restaurant, organic farms, large international community of conscious people, and cheap Vino Verde.

I usually don’t post something about my touristic activity but i really like the pics i took there, so i am sharing 😉



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