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The natural dyeing process


Life’s too short to wear uncomfortable clothes – Adopt the Natural Life !

From last november, I deserted a bit Bali beaches or even the luxuriant Ubud jungle to discover the Bali change makers, or others companies who are doing good choices. It is not a surprise to find that this magnetic island has attracted la creme de la creme, and many initiatives found home to contribute to a positive future.

I bought organic cotton few months earlier, and from my Javanese tailor, created a Leisure wear collection for yoga or comfortable days. I explored myself some technics at home to make my own colors with natural plants like Turmeric and Indigo. The result was great + it is always nice to work on new things and keep learning about sustainable options.

Here is my creation 😉 – check my instagram


And then, I went across ‘CV Tarum‘ who realize the production and process of environmentally friendly, sustainable, unique creations. That answer to my questions regarding big scale of this business, because it is long to natural dye and find large colors options. Clothes from synthetic colors result negative impacts of the process waste on Bali’s environment and people. In 1998, Tarum found the idea to make the creation and process using coloring from natural dyes.

They use the leaves as indigo from tarum leaf, red from secang wood, yellow from mango leaf, brown from mahogany leaf, black from ketapang leaf and many more.

From their website information: some of the advantages to using leaves as a coloring agent are:

  • Do not need to cut or kill the trees, harvesting multiple times
  • Trees benefit from pruning reducing leaves during some periods of time
  • Relatively easy to find, cultivate or can be in cooperation with farmers (for example)
  • Does not compete with food needs
  • Extracts are easy to make
  • Leaf waste is easily composted and returned to the soil
  • Raw material are a sustainable supply and can readily be replanted

Tarum is promoting buyer / partner employment with the concept of « Green » environmentally friendly in marketing its products. This will create a new market and a different approach.

Back of the day, when i used to do buying for luxurious brands, i never heard about this alternative. Only when you step out and go explore by yourself what this world has to offer that you found amazing solutions for a brighter planet.

Here is the site :


CV. Tarum Bali Sejahtera

Photos by me


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