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The dawn of a new understanding

Even if the sky of Paris is different from Bali, when we decide that the cage is open and tons of opportunities are just out – waiting for us – that feeling of freedom is still in my lungs.

Here is few co-working spaces found on my way today


The Lawomatic, Paris 10. Shared units, little cafe, creative space at Canal St. Martin. What seems to be a small showroom for Fashion at the back is also a great idea to present collection in an healthy environment. It seems not possible to access only per day as they rent more monthly for offices but the idea is here.


La colonie, Paris 10. Large space with coffee table in the middle and large leather couch to spend the day on your laptop. There is 2 floor, one for french talks and probably DJ set, and the top will be turn in an Art Gallery. There is no vibes of digital nomads here, but for culture events and possible workshops is available. It’s new, only opened since one month by Kader Attia – Marcel Duchamp price.


L’Archipel, Paris 8. Innovative collective space, inside a church. Access is reserved for social projects and for action people. It is a space to connect and be involved with their initiatives, so there is a sense of community commitment. They have sponsors who help unemployed persons to be trained into web developer, for free, in order to help them getting back into professional activities. Another initiative is about free training for cooking class, and creating recipes from local fresh seasonal products, then people can start their own truck food or online course. They have a ‘trocshop’ which means, you exchange your products – but don’t buy – for books, clothes, interior items.

Archipel partners : Baluchon / Les camionneuses / Mouves / Simplon / co-dev / Petit Bain

So yes, Paris did not changed much, the architecture is the same, the conversation in the cafes did not change, politics and terrorism in the heart of the attention. But behind the scene, a new era is waiting, they are weaving for good. More good news will be the magic in the city of Love.


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