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Stories from the field in Bali…


In order to conserve long centuries practice of Subak farming despite Bali massive development due to millions of tourists who head Bali each year; Sawah Bali is a non-profit organisation who is actually doing big thing to help farmers by introducing a modelled program to return to organic methods for growing rice. They facilitate workshop and training for farmers, show them sustained technics to grow rice that has provides a nutritionally higher diet without harmful and toxic chemicals. The agro-tourism program has a homestay for volunteers. That’s a great opportunity to go visit them and why not spending a day or two helping balinese and understand how cool and important is to preserve farming.

The functioning of the subak system is a complex adaptive system, with cooperative work based on the principles of Tri Hita Krana (harmony and balance between humans, nature, and the spirit world) and Gotong Royong (mutual assistance and commitment among farmers), on consensus and ancestral indigenous knowledge. This system exists since at least the tenth century of the Common Era, the subaks today are considered a living manifestation of the Tri Hita Karana philosophy, receiving recognition from UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 2012. This recognition has been less a call for increased tourism and much more a call for international aid and pressure to promote, among the government and society, the preservation of this traditional system of irrigation and indigenous knowledge.

I met Sawah Bali team during a free workshop in Samadi last October and of course i love the project, as I am planing to organise wellness travel in Bali, with the option to immerse the participants into the culture by doing volunteers work in order to have a local experience. For me it’s a great opportunity to talk about this organisation and share with you in this post and hope you want to meet them, support them too. I hope that the number of programs targeted at the preservation of indigenous knowledge and sustainable methods can solve the problems that Balinese society is experiencing.


Here is some restaurant in Bali that use supply local farms and its so yummy damn good –



MOKSA in Ubud

HAR’S Garden for handpick fresh ingredients in Ubud


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