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Natural food for skin

We can cook for our skin and found home remedies that is fun to make – make your skin naturally glow and look younger.

I took a class at Angelo Shop in Ubud to try new things. Like natural body scrub, body oil, foaming cream after sun burn.

It is really like a cooking class, handmade your products with love and i believe things works better with the best intentions you put in it!

I have been using natural herbal medecine since a decade now, as it is more preventive for future diseases and now also natural traditional beauty products. I ve been buying those products outside from organic stores like Bali Buddha or Earth cafe but now better if i can make them.

Bali is rich with leafs, flowers, coconut, aloevera, spices, roots…

I started making my own shampoo first, buying a natural base soap amd adding essential oil to combine meridians head massage and effective stimulation from flowers oil in my neurological system to improve my emotional state. Using bars movement, and gentle acupressure.

Also i love head massage and self-massage to head, face and neck. Thats from 2 cranio sacral sessions where i found it very relaxing.

Voila, i am sharing now something i did at Angelo, body scrub :

Ginger + Gelangel + Rice + Coriander seeds + Cloves + Patchouli leaves + Cardamon + Baby Gelangal

Ginger and cloves keep you warm / Rice has a smooth creamy texture and rich in proteines / Gelangal is anti-oxydant and anti-bacterial / Cardamon is good for lenghts / Coriander is an anti-anxiety with calming effects

Smashing all ingredients together in a stone mortar. Then it will become a paste.

When it is done, just apply it as it is fresh directly in the skin and keep in maybe 15mn untill the paste dries and absorbed the all nutritions from the food.

You an use it only for 2 days then because it is fresh and organic it wont last.


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