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Tree for life – Moringa –


The african method of crushing Moringa seeds into polluted water, to transform it into drinkable water is fabulous and can help a lot of others without access to clean water as a cheap sustainable water filter.

Moringa’s sand method is today showing us the big potential of the seeds.

For instance in Bali, {i am taking this example as I am observing what is happening here} is facing serious water problem, the North is drying, and the south is receiving sea water in the soil. Gili islands, do not have any drinking water and people need to boil the sea water, or buy expensive water from supermarket. I am not sure what will happened here in a bigger scale 😦

I am thinking since Moringa is growing easily in tropical weather and it can survive in a variety of climates and substandard soils. As one moringa mature tree can produce as many as 15,000 seeds and after 6 months you can start extracting it.

Also, the leaves are very beneficial into diet. There is here an additional income from the food produces by the trees and also from the seeds. The money saved by using the locally grown seeds to clarify water could then be used for other projects.

So what not just using it right ?

It is a very rural process, but instead of waiting for technology to be provide during a critical situation, I think it’s a good start to be using materials that it is already there.

I notice in north Bali, those trees are growing free in the forest and there is few existing plantation in the island for food industry.

From the final report from EPA, published last year regarding this process, here is an extract of the benefit of Moringa :

« The tree is prevalent in equatorial regions, which often coincide with the regions of the world suffering from malnutrition, insufficient energy resources, and waterborne disease. Most notably, the seeds of the Moringa tree can be crushed to clarify and disinfect drinking water, but they are also a highly nutritious food source and a potential avenue for economic prosperity. Once the water cleansing ingredients are extracted from the seeds, valuable oils can be extracted from the remaining seed material for use in in cosmetics, cooking, biodiesel fuel, and livestock feed. Thus, while this proposal focuses on water treatment, the Moringa tree offers many additional benefits that can enhance people‟s health and prosperity while improving the health of our planet. »

Here a video, when the process is in action but from the crushing seeds system :

moringa video see how seeds can clean water

How to plant it :



My best recipe with the leaves is making a soup at evening, to sleep well, that’s something i learned from locals i spent time near Les Waterfall in Singaraja.

So, you buy fresh moringa from market, like for 2 persons 1 big hand of the leaves. Then, you clean and cut separate the tiny leaves, but into boil water for about 5 minutes, leave it, and then add some coconut milk, lime, spices, pepper and that’s it.


For people who want to be volunteers like me to start planting some with the help of Indonesian organisations please share and contact me.




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