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Letting Go


I took this picture in Flores, December 16 2015, with my iphone 4S. It is detailed information because this is what i found on the file info this morning when i went back to this picture. Even my Finder knows more about my life that I do.

I stayed to this house maybe 4 days, i was supposed to stay one night in a different guesthouse, but I was in Maumere, it was low season, no one tourist around, no even one restaurant except this place. A diving center with a bar and few rooms. It was a rainy evening when I walked in, i was looking for food and walked around the city, it was dark, rainy, empty… I was almost disappointed being in Flores alone but after 1hour, I saw this house, posing there in the middle of a Lotus pond. Kermi the manager gave me the room, the day after i was swimming with wales, and stayed there few more days – diving during the morning and drawing in silent the rest of the day. Maumere was my favorite part of my Flores trip.

I think about this picture when I think of the meaning of ‘Letting Go’. I really hate when you heard this expression usually, like ‘breathe in, and breathe out and Let Go’. Well if it was so simple…

In this image of Lotus leaves and flowers early morning, we can see the ripping of the water falling down, from the flower, the leaf and then the moment this drop go to the water below. This drop has been always part of the all thing but she/he is slowly surrendering to gravity and slipping off the leaf, and slowly losing her precious identity to join the vastness of her source.

This drop was certainly trembling before it fell, the drop was on the edge between the known and the unknown. But then, the drop goes back to the water and is finished, something is completing. I think this is ‘Letting Go’.

To define who you are, you have to explore any uncomfortable situations, emotions and finding finally comfort in discomfort. To be define by your job, your relationship or a house you loved – anything that might helped you to define who you are, just don’t hold on it. Not trying to limit your vision to those things. They are there, it’s fine but as the drop in the picture, gravity is helping you to move on. Then new dimensions are there to be discovered. Gravity is doing is work. This is liberation.

Balinese people understand that, they understand the cycle of life, as it is. In existence there is nobody superior or inferior, as the grass and the stars are absolutely equal.

I saw in Balinese caste system, that sometimes the higher – Brahmins is working as a waitress and the boss is in a lower cast. So you have to treat everybody equally because you never knows who really are those people around you. What are their secrets ?

But man wants to be higher than others and he is fighting continuously. All complexity arises out of this fight. So innocence is when you are not interested anymore on fighting, performing. And let go again.

Melting and become part of the infinity, becoming one with the ocean and be like a wave, who has no idea of the ‘I’. The disappearance of the ‘I’. Like a lotus flower or like a dewdrop on the lotus leaf.

It’s like this trip in Flores when i completely forget of my identity and more recently my trip in Java ‘ Still not ready to talk about it’. But for Flores nothing was planned.

I hitched-hike many time to go from A to Z, using local bus where bus crashed, hiked a smoky volcano 4hours by hands with a local guy without shoes, being stuck inside the crater because of a storm (i cried hard), the day after hiked another volcano, wearing a knife as my guide tried to touch me at the sunset in a very isolated mountain (but I had a knife) – and then spent xmas with Sarah my friend in Wae Rebo tribe with a special full-moon ceremony and the amazing family who bring us there by car as we couldn’t find transportation to go (7hours by car and they went back home after dropping us – nice people!), we also spent one night in a couvent in a catholic church near Ruteng… Ohhh and we went to this Zombies town too, i forgot the name. I called it ‘Malarya-town’ as everybody was sick and robbed by the locals.

I felt like being the ocean and not the drop at this time. Or be the fire and not the flames. That can works too 😉

Share with me your stories when you feel you can let go.



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