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Talking in movement


Vulnerability is a space of fears and shame. Is not a comfort zone at all, but very few go to this place and collapse to be reborn. Then it seems that the connection with our external world is more direct, a dialog can grow without words.

And then you feel broken and broken again but it has is own beauty, that’s what humans feel when they allow space for vulnerability. So you might fall but it’s fine, because those horrors in the heart cause the flames willing to burn for everything you still love.

– The whole Dance journey starts –

So much of the beauty are in the unknown, and the courage to dive into it without fears and restrictions let a new perception to sense things and to share. Dancing and let go is the greatest form of expression.

Words are movement, and dance is a fantastic tool to reconnect with your creativity. The realm of feeling, love, passion, sadness can be expressed with our own divinity who goes beyond the language. Body language and words as a universal movement from the form of the dance.

Everything is a vibration, resonate to another, our whole body, our all ADN is a frequency – a music instrument, sometimes you just need to play. Let the essential express itself by being – it is enough. We are enough.

What’s the purpose of my dance life ?

The all yoga thing is just a symphony of life. The movement of our body whatever we do with the quietness of the mind, creates an harmony. I said YOGA, but my vision of this word describe perhaps everything ecstatic surround.

But for many of us, dancing can be hard, in a public place, like in a club we feel observed, maybe judged because we want to be accepted unconsciously. But exposing ourself is essential and damn scary. When we are at home and dance alone, it feels freedom.

Somehow it feels by dancing is a respond to be humans, and it feels great when you can share it, like giving and receiving. Yin and Yang

So then why not to go and dance more in a very natural way and aiming to be ourself with others.

For those who like the creativity trough the dance and want to share more about it with me, please do – madly. I am seeking Dance Theater, or music history and art body movement, african drums and electronic music.





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