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Ritual (again)


When yesterday i was posting about ritual morning and the signification in the daily life, things to do at home (see the last post). I did not expect the next day, I will experience a Ritual with the youngest High Priestess of Bali.

Time comes sometimes, you feel your energy is drain by something, but like so much and then there is moment you feel you want to clean more than a diet or something who keep you in your old patterns. Personally, i am always trying new things, I am the scientist and the Lab and then i watch what works and that’s how i learn about life.

Today, a new friend, who is doing research about healers in Bali and soon a film video about it, brought me to Ida Resi at her Ashram in a tiny village near Ubud.

The purification ceremony was a privileged experience for me. Ida encourages visitors to release and purge from the body what we do not need.

After maybe 40min of hypnotic bell ringing and deep spell bounding chants singing ‘mantras’. She asked you to come closer of her and then pounded heavily cold holly water over my head, and asked to wash my face, tap my feet to the floor and release everything.

After the ceremony I did some sun salutation, dried and stretched my all body to the floor and watched how ridiculous I could feel sometimes by overthinking instead of just being and stay Zen – from any situations.

Life sometimes brings you to the ring, and you can’t fight with her, there is nothing to fight only your fears and the reflection of what you are not accepting in yourself. After a while, you feel that maybe you don’t want to go to the ring anymore. It’s a good first step to embrace something new. But first you have to be brave to go to the ring once and fight against your mirror.

All Parts are contained in the Whole and the Whole is contained in all Parts


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