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Can you asian squat?

Recently I have been into the most unflexible part of my body – the HIPS. From one minute to 15min per day.

Spending 2 years in Hong Kong, people there squat like its such a chilling pose to spend some time with friends in the street. Which is a torture after less than one minute for any westerners. So i try to do it more often and see how it feels – well its a very good exercice to release tension – but you still look shit doing it.

This exercice is great for balancing the root chakras and break the cycle of emotional repression like fear for my case.

Muladhara is your root chakra. Right at the base of your spine, in your perineum and connected to your legs and feet, this chakra relates to our basic instincts and needs, our homes and finances, and feelings of safety. Have you ever looked over a steep balcony and felt a little twinge right at your perineum, the base of your pelvis? That’s muladhara: your fear also lives there. 

Connect with this energy center in Malasana, or squat pose. Breathe deep into the base of your pelvis as your inner thighs gently open.

Now we will add Kapalabhati breath, which, when done in this pose, helps blast through the fear that might be blocking you in this area. Kapalabhati means “skull shining breath,” and it cleanses your sinus cavities as well as stimulates all your organs for detoxification (have a box of tissues nearby in case you need to cry lol). Use short, sharp exhales, pumping your belly, breathing in and out through your nose. End with a huge inhale, and then a huge lion’s breath, sticking your tongue way out and roaring with your breath like you were laughing in the face of your fear.
It feels silly, and it works.


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