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Yoga Book – Awaking the Spine


The Stress-Free New Yoga that Works with the Body to Restore Health, Vitality and Energy

There is a way of doing yoga poses without the slightest effort. Movement is the song of the body.

The function of the spine is to elongate, and this elongation its elasticity and youth are regained.

There is no age limit, one can start yoga when 70 or 80 years old and no damage will occur if the movements originate from the spine. People feel elated and it gives them comfort and encouragement to discover that it is possible for them to control and modify their bodies. To talk about old age as an impediment is an excuse to be lazy.

To be simple, to appreciate what has been given to us and to take care of our body is an act of humility.

To be sensitive is to be alive.

When some difficulty arises we can always find a different movement, since the body is surprisingly able to adjust itself.

One has only to approach problems with patience, care and attention.

(yoga poses) They are simply refreshing the body… It is like tuning the instrument before playing it.

Our sports have become competitive and man spoils them through his insatiability for glory and success. Even arts have become a means of self-affirmation.

Understanding leads to independence and to freedom.

Tension is the result of will, effort and prejudice.

Why are we doing yoga?

Only an agreeable appointment for the body to look forward to… for fun… a body holiday

There is an unexpected delight in meeting earth and sky at the same moment!

Why not open the doors and let air, wind and sun to penetrate into our hearts?




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