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Revive in Thailand

It is been 6 years since I came last time in Thailand. I was in Koh PP and Chiang Mai and I remembered that I felt in love with Chiang Mai because of the green but also with their conscious community, temples, monasteries and holy vibes (from my perception).

This time, I came to Koh Phanghan and instead of discovering another trash touristic island, I discovered one of the last paradise with turquoise water, cute little wooden houses on the beach and a large joyful conscious community doing amazing work to help increasing wellbeing on Earth. I feel very centered and connected with everything around me and I let it be.

After my stay in the hospital, I moved to the beach – before I was staying in a house deep in the jungle. Since I am at the beach, I realized that not only me was collecting the trash at the shore but all locals and even foreigners every morning. That’s why everywhere it is so clean. Thai people keep their places, tight, clean and well decorated. Most of the places are cute and well maintained.

As in Bali, they do have small temple in their house where they give offering to their spirits and that’s what amazed me the most in Bali the first time, to see that people was still connected to the higher realm of this reality and was maintaining the connection. Where people loose their dreams, their hopes and imagination – life can be hard and maybe perceived as unfair because they probably see things without the magnetic connection with higher worlds where we can be guided. Here, the veil is less thick than maybe in a hopeless place where people believe in terrific news and constant sadness. So the magic is almost tangible everywhere and synchronicity arises easily in this island.

I learned while here that I do not longer need to fear obstacles because it is a fast track to strengthening my skills. Every hard time I had was always an opportunity to increase my faith. Everything serves a purpose along my path, all I need is to keep faith and trust in the process and believe that every plot twist is just a detour to my destination. We all receive challenges, but according to where you are, it will be low or high intensity, according to what you can support 🙂

There is so much hopes and positive talks at the moment around me, not just here in Thailand but even when I was in Portugal. I see the future as an amazing opportunity for all of us, I never met so many people doing an enormous contribution to maintain balance while creating an ethical and fair economy model to inspire a new paradigm to arise.. to revive!

I can fill one medium plastic bag of trash daily and others around me do it also without having to ask them to do it 🙂

I visited an organic farm where a Thai couple are growing fruits and vegetables, making compost and selling their natural shampoo, body wash and laundry soap to keep the soil safe while we are using our sanitary products. I took body wash and the laundry soap, fruits and veggies, eggs, coconut oil, kombucha… Eating so clean and organic feel so right after me receiving days and days of antibiotics from the hospital through my blood, I feel so weak after the treatment so high nutritive food is my medicine. That’s my opportunity to practice all my Ayurveda knowledge.

Surprisingly, I am practicing QiQong with a Shaolin monk instead of more Yoga courses – and it was one of my dream from my wishes list to train with a Kung Fu master as I never had the opportunity to go to the school in China.

And of course, I love enjoying all the nice restaurants around the island, going to all ecstatic dance or beach party (they do have very good music here from Europe). And singing a lot with fellow guitarist friends at the beach 🙂

Here are some pics of my first month

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Awakened Tour in Portugal

Portugal is filled with beautiful and very conscious alternative projects that are bringing a new way of living life into practice. So far, I developped an interest to stay close to this new movement since I discovered it in Bali, where around Ubud, many communities/projects are already existing showing us the way of living in harmony with environment and others beings.

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Le voile

C’est comprendre la véritable liberté et le pouvoir éthique qui devraient se développer dans l’humanité. Comment respecter la culture de chaque culture, de chaque pays et savoir comment révéler les contradictions motivées par les groupes des personnes qui enfreignent ces principes de liberté éthique afin que chacun agisse ?

On entre en éthique déjà par soi, quand on ressent sa propre identité, son besoin de liberté et d’affirmation, à quoi on ajoute une volonté de la liberté de l’autre, ce “soi” qui est l’extension de notre être et qui se définit par “l’autre”.
Je veux par ma propre liberté, que ta liberté soit”: ceci est le seul principe éthique réellement réalisable, et non pas expliquer à l’autre ce qu’il devrait faire, mais aller vers l’autre, lui permettre d’être libre, l’écouter, dialoguer et construire ensemble une liberté commune.

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31 Days no waste challenge

I went on 2 years without buying anything new and learned how toxic our need for possessions is.

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An Ayurvedic step into action

Since my goodbye to Portugal, many things has happened and I am back in India again (it is my 3d visit this year). I am finally at the right place, and it seems that my efforts are paying off. I am at an Ayurvedic village in Kerala. Compare to other retreats where i have been, finally here i have freedom to do my own technics, combining with the ayurveda yoga program that i am also learning.

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My yin and yang explained

I used to think that feminine energy was not as powerful as masculine few years back and was tapping into my yang to perform impossible things. Until I discovered the power of being softer with others and naturally me, especially in moment when people made tiny cracks in my heart. I started giving forgiveness effortless this entire year and my heart became softer. True strength was not the fire in me, but the water – the love. I could be rain, an ocean, a river or a lake flowing anywhere trough the all life.

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Made it to Portugal, teaching yoga for surfers

My footprints has stopped in the Himalayas to move all the way to Portugal. My Family’s land – My Father’s roots.

It is funny how much things are going your way, when you live according to your purpose and also when you carry JOY within. Nothing can remove the best of you when you own it !! This let you achieve what you seek and you can walk in the journey in the arms of PEACE.

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